Net-zero and You

The benefits of a net-zero emission future

The Paris Climate Accords of 2015 was signed by 196 parties and it laid out long-term goals to reduce climate change. The main goal of the accords is to limit the global temperature increase to 1.5°C. In order to achieve this goal, the signing parties agreed to reduce their emissions to net-zero.

But what is net-zero?

The emission of greenhouse gases is the main reason for climate change and the increase in overall temperatures. In order to curb the increase in temperatures, a net-zero emission goal aims to reduce greenhouse gases added to the atmosphere. As it is impossible to remove emissions entirely, a net-zero strategy also involves coming up with sustainable solutions to offset residual emissions.

What does a net-zero emission future mean for you?

Here are some of the benefits of going all-in on a net-zero strategy:

  1. The economy: Short-term concerns about an increase in debt are valid, but going forward, the transition to a net-zero future is likely to result in the creation of millions of jobs and a significant boost to Gross Domestic Product (GDP). A report from Deloitte shows that decarbonizing the United States of America alone will result in the creation of nearly 1 million jobs and generate 3 trillion USD by 2070. These economic benefits are likely to be witnessed all across the world if we continue on our path to sustainability and net-zero emissions.
  2. The return of nature: In order to offset the effects of unpreventable emissions, a nature-positive approach is likely to be undertaken in most countries. This means the redevelopment of nature in the form of forests, wetlands, and other ecosystems that absorb CO2 and thus balance out emissions. Nature-based solutions to climate change would result in the protection and improvement of a wide range of ecosystems.
  3. Health benefits: Air pollution continues to be a major contributor to deaths. A net-zero emission future would help people’s overall health by reducing pollution. Livestock that is raised for meat production and the replacement of natural ecosystems with farmland continues to have a negative impact on the environment. Going forward, a change in diet to one where less meat is consumed is expected to drive up life expectancy and reduce illnesses.

We can all do our part to help reduce our overall emissions. Estimates show that 55 percent of the cumulative emission reductions going forward are directly linked to consumer choices and, in particular, the choices of those who live in cities.

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